How can you use social media now to benefit in the future? The content that you post has the power to turn your followers into fans, and your brand into a household name. We know that 2020 has been a unique year for many businesses. With holiday planning and marketing underway, you may be wondering how you can plan your social media strategy, and start pushing sales now to benefit your business next year. 

The Social Media Experts at D3 have you covered! Allow our team to walk you through a content checklist to ensure that your business is set up for success throughout the remainder of 2020, and beyond. 

Here’s Your List - Now Check it Twice! 

1. Encourage Early Bookings and Purchases

Do you run a hotel or rental company? Or maybe your company is the main attraction in a resort town? COVID-19 has brought us apart, and also together in ways that we could have never prepared for. As our priorities continue to shift through the pandemic, it’s important to remember that people are going to be gifting experiences and trips this holiday season like never before! 

Encouraging early bookings is a great way to help generate revenue for your business now, and later! Offer early-bird discounts and save-now special to get reservations in now, for your guests to spend their money with you when they stay later. For attractions such as theme parks, or similar, now is also a great time to encourage guests to beat the lines or save money next summer by purchasing their passes now. 


2. Run Evergreen Content

Now is a great time to pull out that content that never goes bad, and post it to social media! If you have something (a view, landscape, mural, etc.) that’s unique to your building, company, or town, start posting the imagery that you have. For example, everyone loves a great view, and a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Posting imagery that appeals to the experience of your business keeps you top of mind when your potential guests are planning their trips in 2021. 


3. Utilize Stories and Reels

Celebrate the holidays with your online community by utilizing stories and reels! Help your audience find the gifts that  they are looking for by creating an immersive storefront with Instagram Shopping. Feature products, or services, that make great gifts, and tag those products on your posts and stories so people can tap the product to learn more! 

Are you capitalizing on stories? Research shows us that 68% of people report they use stories on three or more apps, at least once a week! Showcase your products front and center on stories and be sure to tag your products to promote sales. 


4. Edit That Video Content!

It’s no secret that users love video content. Now is the perfect time to start editing all of that great content that you gathered over the summer, and create fun brand videos to share on social media! If a picture speaks a thousand words, videos help communicate even more! 

In fact, video performs much better on social media platforms such as Instagram, with posts seeing 49% higher interactions on video than an image post. Users trust videos as the most transparent type of posts on social media, so put your product out there to help gain those loyal followers!    


5. Involve an Expert

2020 has been a strange year for all of us. Social media usage is up across the board. And with more companies focusing on social media to reach their audience than ever before, now is the most critical time to be sure that your social strategy is perfect! Allow the social media experts at D3 to guide you through your holiday strategy and content ID3AS! 


Are you ready to get started? Contact the experts at D3! You know where to find us…