You can't always control what the media says about your business, but you can control what you do with it. After your business receives media coverage of any kind, how you leverage the positives, or, own the negatives, will impact your brand. 

Don’t passively wait for an influx of new customers, or the storm to pass. Own your business media coverage and consider the following when dealing with the good, and the bad, from the press. 

Leveraging Good Press

Your company just received a glowing article from a major news outlet - now what? Play an active role in maximizing this coverage and use internal resources to share the news! Check out these helpful tips in leveraging good press for your business!

  1. Share on Social Media: If you do nothing else to amplify your press, be sure that you share the news on your social media channels. Help drive traffic to your website by thinking beyond a simple share and asking your audience a question to prompt discussion around the article. 
  2. Write a Press Release: Your company just landed major coverage in a book, industry journal, or other major publication - this warrants a press release! This can be especially helpful in garnering local press, consider the headline; “Local Company Earns A Spot on *insert company here*’s Top 100” - if that’s not a good headline then what is? 
  3. Blog About It: Is there a topic that you wish the reporter had dug a little deeper on? Fill in the gaps and take the coverage a step further in a blog post and publish it on your site. Consider a behind-the-scenes look about how the topic-of-choice came to be. 
  4. Repurpose: After publishing your prestigious coverage on social, keep the momentum going by re-sharing it throughout the year! If the same story was picked up by multiple outlets, spend time thanking each one for their coverage, and sharing each story on your company’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. You can even turn it into a marketing piece.   

Handling Negative Press

Every company tries to avoid it, but there are times when negative press just happens. This could be a result of an untrue story being told about your business, or a lapse in judgment on your part. Knowing how to implement damage control, and having your crisis communication plan in place is key to putting out fires before they spread. Consider the following tips when dealing with negative public relations. 

  1. Decide On Your Best Response: When a bad story is released about your company, one of the first things that you should do is to decide on the best response- and do so quickly. You’ll likely need a press release or statement to control how the story develops. Additionally, designate a spokesperson for your company to answer all questions in front of the press in a calm, and sensible manner. Need some help developing your response? Contact a Public Relations representative to help convey your message. 
  2. Be Honest: An absolute must for your business is to be as upfront and honest as possible. This is especially key in situations where you’re at fault. Taking responsibility for your wrongdoings is key to avoid making a bad situation worse and losing the trust of your customers, clients, and employees. Consider releasing an apology in the form of a social media message, video, or official statement, and review your policies from there. 
  3. Positive Messaging: Another key element to navigating negative PR is to devise a positive message about your company. Redirect people’s focus on the positives of your brand. Reassuring your audience that the negative press doesn’t represent your brand’s true values can help to relieve negative perceptions caused by the unpleasant press. 

Are you looking for more information on how to leverage the good and own the bad? Contact the experts at D3; you know where to find us.