Nielsen is best known as the company that decides whether your favorite show makes it or breaks it. Now, Nielsen has come up with a new metric that measures time spent on streaming services vs. watching traditional television. 

This new metric, called “The Gauge,” tracks a household’s internet traffic through their router. It measures only what’s viewed on a television, not on other devices like a phone, tablet, or laptop. Since the release, Nielsen already has about 14,000 households signed up. 

Current Nielsen statistics show that in May of 2021, Americans spent 64% of their TV time watching broadcast or cable channels. 26% of the time was spent on streaming services, and streaming is expected to increase to 33% by the end of 2021.

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The D3 Take 

Marketers are jumping at the chance to obtain the new streaming data from Neilsen. While some streaming platforms like Netflix are ad-free, more and more audiences are subscribing to cheaper, ad-supported streaming services like Hulu. 

Marketers want to access those viewers through targeted advertisements. With new platforms emerging in the digital world, it’s important for businesses to keep an eye on where users are spending most of their time. 

Advertising budgets should be optimized and knowing where to spend them is crucial. Data from Nielsen may help to provide clarity for marketers and point them in the direction of where they should pursue future advertising. 

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