Your childhood nostalgia is making a comeback! Macy’s is joining forces with Toys ‘R’ Us with the help of WHP Global. An assortment of Toys ‘R’ Us favorites are already available online at and retail items will be ready for purchase in more than 400 Macy’s stores across the nation starting in 2022. 

The Toys ‘R’ Us experience will be recreated inside Macy’s with toys and creative ways to learn for all!

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D3 Take

One of our favorite takeaways from a brand partnership like the one between Macy’s and Toys ‘R’ Us, is how it elevates the exposure of each brand to the other’s audience, creating a buzz and boosting brand awareness for both parties that is sure to achieve their marketing goals. 

While this is an example of brand partnership on a large scale, we see small-scale collaborations taking place every day in our local community! If your business provides a good or service, you can benefit from the leverage of a partnership. Taking this step can bring unique opportunities, expand your audience, and grow your brand recognition.

Not sure where to start? Don’t wait for partners to come to you. Brainstorm services that complement yours to partner with and co-host events. If you haven’t already, your first step should be signing up with your local Chamber of Commerce for networking opportunities and resources to help your business grow. 

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