If you’re an avid user on Instagram for your business or company but have no idea how to collect data of clicks or views from your followers, you might want to think about changing over your Instagram account to a business account!

Changing over to a business account gives you access to all kinds of interesting analytics and data about your content and followers. You can even gain access to the popular times your followers are using Instagram so you know what exact time to post.

So if we persuaded you to make this beneficial change, we’ll help you get started. To convert your page to a business account, you will go to your profile page on Instagram and click the three dots in the top right-hand corner, scroll down to the ACCOUNT section, and click “Switch to Business Profile” and voila! This one minute process will give you millions of benefits to better advertise your brand and reach your followers. With an Instagram business account you can: get insights of your followers and how and when they interact with your posts, add your business hours, location, and contact information, and get data of how your posts performed throughout the day.

Plus, learn how to get your business profile verified