Their Story

Worcester County Tourism has a lot on its plate when it comes to promoting all that Maryland’s Coast has to offer. The towns of Ocean City, Snow Hill, Ocean Pines, Berlin, Pocomoke, and Assateague, are all popular spots for visitors and locals to enjoy. With beautiful beaches and bays, wildlife, golf courses, amusements, restaurants, and county events, there’s so much that can be done to get the word out.

When you live in an area as beautiful as ours, who wouldn’t want to promote it? The question is: what’s the best way to do it? Maryland’s Coast showcases everything from forests to rivers, local shops, rich history, and more. To find the best way to highlight the Coast, Worcester County Tourism teamed up with D3.

Our Journey

Worcester County Tourism’s goal was to create a platform that provides a guide for Maryland’s Coast. Whether users are looking for things to do, places to stay, events, or news, they’ve got it all in one place. Together with D3, an abundance of content was gathered to redesign the website as a user-friendly resource for those looking to visit or find attractions on Maryland’s Coast. Our D3 team provided updated shop and restaurant listings with quality photography, as well as helpful blog posts highlighting excursions on the coast. 


Digital ad campaigns were developed with specific goals on Instagram, Facebook, and Google to highlight various attractions and qualities of the Coast. For example, the “Explore More” Google Ads campaign was created to increase brand awareness. The emphasis was on hidden gems in the towns that you already know and love. The “Shop Local” campaign was advertised on Facebook and Google Ads. These video ads highlighted attractions in each of the small towns in Worcester County and encouraged residents to engage in shopping local. 

Facebook Video Ads

Google Display Ads

Prior to partnering with D3, Worcester County Tourism’s marketing email list held 5,000 contacts after about 10 years of effort. After only two years with D3, that email contact list increased to around 30,000. Monthly email marketing campaigns keep their contact list updated with stand-out places to be in Worcester County, upcoming events, and informative blogs for more to explore on the Coast. 

An Ocean City vacation giveaway was created with partnerships from local businesses, including Boardwalk Hotel Group®, Jolly Roger® Amusement Park, and Thrasher’s® French Fries. D3 promoted the giveaway through strategic digital advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and Google. This campaign increased traffic to the website and led to a large increase in email subscribers with over 24,000 giveaway entries. 

To tie all efforts together, our team at D3 plans, executes, and manages the social media calendar for Maryland’s Coast. We focused on promoting all that Worcester County has to offer, creating a calendar curated with upcoming events, things to do, and new businesses in the area. Our photographer and videographer gather updated imagery and video work to showcase the county. 

We love the opportunity to help promote our beautiful home… naturally!