Their Story

The White Marlin Open is the world’s largest and richest billfish tournament. Ocean City, Maryland,  appropriately named the “White Marlin Capital of the World,” has hosted the tournament for 47 years. The annual competition has presented over $71 million in prize money to competing fishermen and anglers of all skill levels.

Marlin Fest is a new event added to the White Marlin Open for spectators to enjoy! The event will be held each day of the White Marlin Open from 3 PM to 9 PM at the 3rd Street Bayside Ballfield. Families and spectators are encouraged to attend the FREE event to enjoy live music, food, drinks and watch real-time live streams of the tournament weigh-ins taking place at Harbour Island.

Marlin Fest is kid-friendly, with tons of fun educational experiences available. There will be vendor tents selling official White Marlin Open and Marlin Fest merchandise as well as a variety of food and drink. The White Marlin Open is bringing energy and excitement to our beach town that you won’t want to miss! That’s why our D3 team is here to help spread the word.

Our Journey

D3 is a dedicated partner of the community, and we love Ocean City events as much as the next person. We jumped at the exciting opportunity to work with White Marlin Open and Marlin Fest to showcase our town’s biggest event of the summer.

“The staff at D3 is knowledgeable, professional, and very responsive. They are able to tackle all of our website, print, and social media needs effortlessly, no matter how complex the project! I highly recommend D3!”

- Madelyne Rowan, White Marlin Open 

The White Marlin Open and Marlin Fest websites are one-stop spots for tournament information, event schedules, registration, promotion, and so much more. Our team was happy to take on the task of capturing the magnitude and excitement of the annual event on a website. The websites’ modern designs successfully showcase everything you need to know about the tournament and Marlin Fest, whether you’re fishing or a spectator. 

The history of the event, past winners, and statistics are included to emphasize the tradition of the White Marlin Open. The websites also pay tribute to all the dedicated sponsors without whom the event would not be possible. 

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The official White Marlin Open and Marlin Fest merchandise shop is an exciting addition to the site! This ecommerce page is user-friendly and optimized to promote sales. Simply browse the merchandise, customize if applicable, and checkout securely. 


The sponsors that contribute to the White Marlin Open are the reason the tournament has become a popular tradition for 47 years now. To show appreciation for the sponsors at all levels, we look to recognize them in any way that we can. Along with featuring their logo on the website, our team created social posts to highlight each level of sponsorship on Facebook and Instagram. 

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Last but not least, Marlin Fest is a new event for the tens of thousands of White Marlin Open spectators to enjoy. To get the word out, the D3 team turned to social advertising to capture the event and promote all that Marlin Fest has in store. The use of carousel ads highlights the multifaceted event to viewers, including live entertainment, food and drink, and tournament weigh-ins.

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White Marlin Open and Marlin Fest will be in OCMD from August 2 - 6. We’ll see you there!