Their Story

Ropewalk restaurants have a reputation of rich history and undeniable deliciousness that precedes them wherever they go. From the original Federal Hill location in Baltimore, MD, to Chincoteague, VA, Ocean City, MD, and Bethany Beach, DE, this iconic establishment has a lot of love from our slice of the East Coast. Though the restaurants have grown over the years, they continue to maintain the same values established by the original Baltimore Ropewalk Tavern renovated in 1995. They follow the Ropewalk vision to always provide the freshest ingredients in a comfortable setting with extraordinary service. 

The unique qualities brought by Ropewalk Ocean City and Bethany Beach have allowed the venues to become popular dining locations for locals and tourists alike. However, like many who have entered the fierce competition of restaurant-ing in a resort town, Ropewalk quickly found themselves in need of a boost to their marketing efforts. That’s where we come in. 

Our Journey

At D3, we recognize the competitive nature of the industry and the location. Our journey with Ropewalk is an ongoing, collaborative effort that allows us to help market all of the incredible aspects that the restaurants bring to each of their distinct locations. Ropewalk is always thinking ahead, wanting to know what’s next, and we love that about them!

Ropewalk understands the importance of regular communication with their current and prospective customers. Their email marketing strategy is strong, and it’s focused on sending fun, promotional messages that encourage recipients to visit, relax, and enjoy.

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Ropewalk’s website is hosted, managed, and designed by the D3 team to showcase the memorable experience guests can have at the restaurants and provide a user-friendly source of information for them to browse. This takes one more thing off the owner and manager’s plates, allowing them to focus on what they do best— operating iconic restaurants.

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How does Ropewalk continue to keep past and future patrons engaged? A solid social media strategy, of course! The D3 team creates a month-to-month social calendar that highlights events at the restaurants and in town—and we can’t forget those mouthwatering dishes and drinks! 

Just like many restaurants in a resort town, some of the restaurant locations are seasonal. It’s important to maintain a social strategy that engages your following, even during the off-season months. This gives users something to look forward to and a community to interact with over fun social posts that highlight the best of Ropewalk


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With amazing food and spectacular views served up nightly, we can’t wait for what’s next!