Did you know that mobile internet usage has been steadily increasing against desktop usage for the past ten years? Globally, the latest data for 2021 shows that mobile usage holds 56% of the share of internet traffic. Time on mobile is mainly spent on specific apps. 

Maybe it’s time to think about how users access your site! At D3, we can equip our clients with mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to provide users with a smooth mobile experience and broader functionality. PWA’s are a website that opens in a browser but can function as a native app would on a phone home screen. 

In addition to Progressive Web Apps, D3 creates custom-built mobile apps available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Unlike PWA’s, these apps require users to grant permissions when downloaded, and they utilize local storage space on the device. 

How can you use a Progressive Web App or mobile app for your business? Check out some examples! 

Springfest Event PWA

Springfest is a popular event, typically held at the beginning of May, that kicks off the summer season in Ocean City, MD. In order to engage visitors and provide all the event information they need at their fingertips, Springfest teamed up with D3 to turn their site into a PWA. 

The app is set up and edited in real-time to keep up with any changes to events or activities. Right on a mobile user’s home screen, they had access to the event map, a list of vendors, an entertainment schedule, and fun interactive features like voting for their favorite performer. The annual event now has the ability to use the app each year by simply editing the content to fit the new entertainment lineup and branding. 


Southern Delaware Tourism PWA

Southern Delaware Tourism partnered with D3 to create a Progressive Web App that has everything any visitor, vacationer, or local needs to know about Southern Delaware at the tap of their finger. 

The app is integrated with a database of area information, allowing users to optimize their searches through easy navigation and filtered results. Looking for the best seafood restaurant nearby? What about somewhere that serves vegan dishes? Set your filters and get instant recommendations. 

The user value doesn’t stop there! This PWA also holds exclusive hotel deals and discounts. For example, the popular Bike and Stay campaign encouraged users to bring their bikes when booking their hotel stay. Through the app, users were able to find a variety of biking routes with distance parameters and maps to follow. 


Assateague Horse ID Mobile App

Assateague Island Alliance has a custom-built mobile app designed by D3 to provide an interactive user experience. The Assateague Horse ID mobile app is available for download on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Once users create an account, a variety of resources are available to them, like wild horse safety information, Assateague Island rules, and the ability to identify and browse for specific horses on the island. 

The app is a convenient digital hub for Assateague Island visitors. Simply download to use the app as a reference for any wild horses that you spot along your travels. 


A mobile-friendly experience should always be at the top of your mind. Think a mobile app would work for your business? Reach out to get started!