Grand Hotel

Their Story

Located on 21st Street and the famous Ocean City Boardwalk, the Grand Hotel is a popular spot for those looking to enjoy a comfortable and convenient oceanfront vacation. Guests are surrounded by stunning views, amenities to cater to every need, six on-site dining locations, refreshing pools, a fitness center, and so much more. 

While the Grand Hotel has much to offer, the hotel competition is fierce in Ocean City. The Grand Hotel must stand out against the competition, and show potential guests and visitors of Ocean City, MD, why they’re the destination of choice for their next stay. The question becomes, how do we get tourists to select the Grand Hotel?

Our Journey

This is where D3 comes in. Luckily for us, the Grand Hotel already offers a wonderful and unique experience for their guests—we just get to showcase it! 

The Grand Hotel was ready to make a big impact and show potential guests that they’re the place to be. The D3 team came through with the id3as and worked closely with the team at the Grand Hotel to turn their dreams into reality on the newly redesigned website. Our team revamped the site and modernized the logo, providing the client with the fresh, inviting appearance that they wanted. The site highlights Ocean City as a resort and helps the business stand out from its competition.

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See the Grand Hotel's older website on the left, compared to their updated, new site on the right


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A new website brought new branding to the Grand Hotel! See their old logo on the left and their new logo on the right

The Grand Hotel knows that for Ocean City visitors, the beach mindset starts long before the packed car has left the driveway. So how do they give guests a taste of the beach from near or far? A live webcam looking out onto the waves from the Grand Hotel! It has become one of the most popular webcams in Ocean City, with an average daily view count of 1700+ and over 160,000 viewers in the past 90 days. Check it out here!

Another part of the Grand Hotel marketing strategy is sending dedicated, promotional emails focused on driving recipients to book any specials being offered. The emails use urgency to encourage guests to take advantage of limited-time promotions.


Here’s to you, Grand Hotel. We can’t wait to see what’s next!