The Story

GEORGE'S® Mixes is the microbrew of bloody marys. Founded by Greg David, Theda Bakis, and Alex Esham, with one goal in mind: to bring customers a quality product, built on strong values, and unparalleled customer service. It started with the request for a dependable and delicious bloody mary mix. After years of recipes, taste-testing, and careful measurements, GEORGE’S® Bloody Mary Mix came to life. 

GEORGE'S® Mixes is now sold and served across the U.S., boasting a full line of bloody mary mixes. The team began with the original Spicy Bloody Mary Mix, then added the Mild. GEORGE'S® evolved by adding their low-calorie lime Margarita Mix to the lineup, along with their Sweet & Sour Mix. 

GEORGE'S® joined forces with McCormick Spice Company in Hunt Valley, MD to create bloody mary mixes with a twist. They introduced the first-ever Old Bay® Bloody Mary and Zatarain’s Cajun® Bloody Mary mix to the market. Most recently, the two brands collaborated on FRANK’S Original RedHot® Bloody Mary Mix that was introduced in the Fall of 2020. 







Behind all the taste-testing and magic-making at GEORGE'S®, the team at D3 works closely with Greg, Theda, and Alex to help bring their vision to life. 

We needed a website,” said Theda Bakis. “Not for selling at first but mainly a place to house information.”  Fast forward a couple of years and George’s Mixes was selling online. “We needed a more sophisticated and dynamic website. D3 delivered every time.

It was far from due diligence that led the charge for this homegrown company. Forward-thinking, expertise, and collaboration between the client and D3 helped the vision for the company evolve and sales grow.  

John and Laurie helped educate us on trends. They were forward-thinking and had a vision for the business and its growth. Everything we have asked for, D3 has brought to life.” - Theda Bakis      

From logo design, product labels, and t-shirt designs, to presentation packets and email blasts, D3’s design team partnered with the client to develop brand recognition for George’s Mixes’ full product line. As for George’s? Distribution has grown to include liquor stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and even Amazon.

If we need a poster, a banner, or an email to go out to promote an upcoming event, we automatically go to D3 because we know it will get done – and done well.” - Theda Bakis