Their Story

BayRunner Shuttle is a locally owned and operated shuttle service with shuttle stops across Eastern and Western Maryland, including BWI Marshall Airport, BWI Amtrak, and the Baltimore Greyhound Bus Station, bringing a convenient, reliable, and safe transportation option to local communities. 

BayRunner Shuttle’s customers are searching for an affordable and comfortable way to travel in Maryland. This year, BayRunner directed its focus towards Western Maryland's underserved communities. Through Google, Facebook, YouTube, and print advertising, BayRunner has been able to speak directly to these communities, informing those in need of transportation that rides are available to them and are only a *click* away!

Our Journey

Even as a small, local business that’s busy with its daily operations, BayRunner refused to limit itself with a narrow scope of marketing. D3 was ready to implement various marketing strategies and bring our ideas to life. 

“We have enjoyed working with D3 over the past year to execute our marketing plan! They have a big team of experts who are always following up to make sure we haven't missed a beat while running our busy company.”

- BayRunner Shuttle

Creating digital ads on Google and Facebook was a must in order to target specific audiences. The goal was to reach underserved communities and promote the services BayRunner provides locally. Google Ads consists of search, display, and YouTube video campaigns that highlight ride services in a variety of ways. Similarly, Facebook video ads were created to appear in users' Facebook and Instagram feeds, as well as story placement.


Google Search Ad


Google Display Ad

YouTube Video Ad


Facebook Video Ad

As our partnership grew, another marketing strategy put into motion honed in on meeting the majority of their customers where they are—Western Maryland. With a variety of print work, D3 designed billboards, bench signs, van wraps, and informational brochures to spread the word and get the BayRunner Shuttle service out to the masses.


Billboard Display


Bench Sign




Van Wrap

Additionally, D3 assisted BayRunner in perfecting and hosting an informative and easy-to-use website where customers can book their rides and manage reservations. Other marketing techniques put into play include email blast design, social posting, public relations, and more! BayRunner Shuttle is an incredible example of ID3AS coming to life while utilizing various marketing techniques available to reach underserved customers. 

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