The Story

Mid-Shore Pro Bono’s (MSPB) mission is to connect low-income individuals, and families in need of civil legal help, with volunteer attorneys and community resources. People who go to court with legal representation get better outcomes, resulting in more financially stable households, safe and healthy homes for children, and a higher likelihood of intergenerational transfer of wealth. 

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented financial and legal challenges for everyone in our community, MSPB’s fierce network of volunteer attorneys never stopped providing quality legal services for people in need. 

  • - On the Eastern Shore, more than 50% of households are considered low-income, and more than 14% of families live in poverty. 

  • - Over 80% of all people who need civil legal help in Maryland cannot afford it. 

  • - MSPB’s volunteer attorneys provided $1.83 million in legal services in FY2019 alone. 

Where does the D3 team come into play? As a non-profit with a lot to offer, MSPB wants to increase their marketing efforts in order to further spread the word about their services. Their goal is to reach multiple audiences, including those who may need help, community partners, and potential donors.

“D3 has worked with us on everything from our website to social media and video, to preparing fundraising appeals and presentations for us to take into the community.  We saw tremendous engagement on our social media platforms during the Life Planning Initiative and we hope to keep growing the awareness of our outstanding resources, community-wide.”

Recently, MSPB launched a “Life Planning Documents Initiative” where all residents of the Eastern Shore were encouraged to get their plans in place now. 



Fundraising is also an integral part of making sure that the important work of MSBP can continue! To that end, D3 helped to create a fundraising piece that was sent out via traditional mail as well as email, which helped to fund their ongoing efforts. 



Social media plays a critical role in D3’s marketing strategy for MSPB. Those who follow the organization are kept aware of upcoming events and community partnerships. D3 has helped to utilize MSPB’s Facebook as a resource to help break down complicated legal issues and how to obtain help. The design is clean and the content is easily digestible. 


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Here’s to Mid-Shore Pro Bono - we can’t wait to see what’s next!  

To learn more about the life planning initiative, please visit MSPB Life Planning for All.