In times like these, a brand’s true identity is exposed. Like a reflex, your brand’s core values have come to light instantly as businesses were closed, and people were urged to stay at home. We’ve seen brands and businesses step up in a variety of ways over the last few weeks, each effort aligning with a set of core values that serve as their guide. 

The most compelling stories are those brands that are demonstrating their values in action, furthering their internal message to external audiences. Amidst uncertainties, the companies who are taking action to make their employees and their customers feel safe and engaged are among those who are transitioning the best.

How can you share your values with your audience? Consider the following guiding principles for how your business can revel in transparency during this time. 

Lead By Example

Leaders are always being watched, and that is exceptionally true now. Setting standards and expectations for your business in the early days of this pandemic, and then failing to abide by them is worse than saying nothing at all. Your business’s core value system is especially important during difficult times. 

As a business owner, share what matters to your audience because they want to hear from you. A video on social media or an email can help your customers understand what your company is doing to stay safe and responsible during these unprecedented times. 

Take off the Brand Façade

Now is the time to get real with your customers! You do not need to show them your business’s bank accounts to share how your company is dealing during the crisis. If you’re a small business owner and you’re struggling, stand in support of fellow small business owners and get real with your social audience. If you’re concerned, express to your customers that, like many other small business owners, you’re concerned as well, but don’t forget to shed some light on some of the positives you’re experiencing! Maybe your staff that’s working carry out at your restaurant are receiving some very generous tips. No matter what the situation may be, you want to say thank you to all of the patrons who appreciate, and are supporting you and your business! Transparency is key during this time.

Omnichannel Marketing

It’s time to centralize your marketing plan! Omnichannel marketing refers to a multiple channel approach to providing your customers with a fully-integrated experience. This is important to help personalize your relationship with your customers. When your brand’s messaging flows between all channels, it builds trust within your clientele. 

For example, if you’re not quite open for business, but you want to encourage people to start buying or planning ahead, then you would implement this verbiage across all channels. Create a video encouraging people to look forward and to plan ahead, and add that video to an email with a clear call to action.. Take this a step further by posting that video on social media and link your post out to your online store where your customers can purchase. Then, change your ad verbiage on Facebook and Google to include that same “Buy Early” verbiage. By including all of your marketing channels, your message becomes clear and you build your customer’s trust in your brand. 

Are you feeling inspired to share your message? Contact the Marketing Experts at D3 for more tips on how to get personal with your audience, and bring your marketing plan full circle!