COVID-19 has taken our world by storm, with the hospitality industry being hit particularly hard. From travelers under stay-at-home orders to events and restaurants being shut down, bookings ended up at an all-time low for many in the hospitality industry in 2020. 

As our world rebuilds, marketing efforts have adapted and grown. What are customers looking for from your business in a post-COVID-19 world? Let’s dig in. 

  1. Businesses in the hospitality industry need to effectively communicate the cleanliness and safety of their accommodations. 

  2. It’s time for businesses to get creative in providing socially distanced activities and amenities that encourage social connection while remaining physically distant. 


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The D3 Take

As lockdown mandates are lifted across the globe, businesses and marketers alike find themselves in the position to hone in on what their potential and current customers really want to see. For many, this means rebuilding their media libraries and getting images of guests enjoying a safe, COVID-friendly vacation at their location. 

The summer of 2021 will see many-a photographer and videographer on location, gathering unique imagery of guests following mask and social distancing protocols, while enjoying their experience. Showcasing your socially distanced on-site restaurant, guests enjoying amenities while masked, and other on-site activities offer potential guests a peek into what their experience will entail. This will entice potential reservations to press “book now” on that stay that’s been sitting in their cart, and come back to enjoy themselves, after a year of staying at home. 


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