Building and growing a business is never easy, but when COVID-19 took the world by storm in 2020, things got trickier, to say the least. Still, businesses large and small pivoted and changed directions at a moment’s notice, to stay afloat during the new normal. 

Moves that began as a means to survive are now best practices! Check out what we learned in 2020, and how adopting these practices will help your business succeed in 2021. 

  • - Facebook Shops
  • - E-Commerce Solutions
  • - Digital Ads or Bust
  • - Transparent Policies 

Facebook Shops

If you sell products or services online and don’t have a Facebook shop, you could now be missing out on a huge opportunity! Facebook Shops were released as a new feature in Spring of 2020, to ease business disruptions caused by COVID-19. 

Facebook Shops are set up to support mobile-optimized stores for people to access on both Facebook and Instagram, making it easy for users to discover, browse, and purchase your products on the platforms that they use daily. 

Not only are Facebook Shops a great new service provided by Facebook, but they’ve changed how users have shopped online for the foreseeable future! This is a feature that your business does not want to miss out on! 

E-Commerce Solutions

In 2020, we saw businesses across the nation getting highly creative with their e-commerce solutions. Gone were the days of buying and selling goods solely online. As businesses realized that the pandemic was here to stay, everyone jumped on the e-commerce train as a means to survive! 

Think Facebook Shops, updated e-commerce integrations on websites, and mobile-friendly websites for purchasing from the couch, or the car. 

In 2021, we’ll continue to see businesses think outside the box with their e-commerce strategies! Imagine e-commerce working for you and your business beyond what’s expected, and see your opportunities grow. Begin with the basics, and don’t be afraid to take it a step further! 

Digital Ads or Bust

The time to go digital with your advertising efforts is now! Everyone is searching online, and promoting your brand online is an important way to reach the full extent of your audience! From Google Ads to Facebook Advertising, and Geofence Marketing to Connected TV, how do you know which ad channel is the best fit for your business? 

In 2021 it will remain crucial to align your marketing goals with the best digital ad channel for your business. Work with an expert to help your business excel and manage your ad budget, to reach the highest return on your investment! 

Transparent Policies

Transparency is key for your business as we continue to move into the new year. Say what you mean, and mean what you say when you’re communicating with your audience! After the year that many had in 2020, it’s important to stay away from the fluff, and be honest about your business policies when it comes to in-person meetings, events, shopping, and the like.

Your followers are looking for messages to know how your company is responding to the pandemic, and want to join the journey in understanding the decisions that are being made. Listen to the questions that your audience has, take action, and be authentic in your responses. 

In 2020, your business adapted, now allow it to grow and thrive in 2021! Have questions? You know where to find us.