When someone comments on your social media posts, do you respond? Most businesses would say yes. However, the number of comments that are left unattended would suggest otherwise. Leaving your posts unattended sends a message to your customers that you don’t care about their experience with your business, which can then lead to missed business opportunities and lost brand advocates. Responding to your business's comments and reviews can also build your business's public relations by thanking the good comments, and clearing up any negative feedback or spam. Whether they’re good or bad, managing your business's online comments and reviews are fundamental to leveraging organic marketing. 

Finding Paid Advertisements

Is your business set up to effectively find and reply to comments coming from your paid ad channels? Unlike a social media post, when you create a paid advertisement through Facebook or Instagram, the ad does not appear on your business profile feed. This makes tracking these ads down and monitoring their comments, particularly tricky. On a normal Facebook or Instagram post, when someone leaves a comment, you are notified on the platform, or within your separate social media management tool. This then allows you to tap on the notification, read the comment, and respond. However, when your business launches paid ad within Ads Manager it does not generate notifications as a normal social post would. Even if your company is utilizing a social media management tool such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social, you won’t see the engagement there either. You will only be able to view comments left on advertisements through a manual review of Ads Manager. Be sure that you are reviewing your paid advertising and responding to comments on a regular basis to avoid driving business away. 

How to Find and Manage Comments through Ads Manager

Once you’ve made the investment to advertise your business via Facebook or Instagram, your Ad management doesn’t stop there. It is important to engage with potential customers, respond to comments, and invite those who ‘liked’ your advertisement to also “like” your page. While it’s critical to keep an eye on your Instagram and Facebook advertisements, finding these comments can prove to be difficult, follow the steps below to easily find your campaigns and interact with your followers!


  1. Go to ‘Ads Manager’

  2. Click the ‘Edit Campaign’ button next to the campaign that contains the advertisements that you want to review.

  3. Click ‘Ad’

  4. Click the ‘Links’ dropdown and select ‘Manage Instagram Comments’

  5. You should then see your Instagram Advertisement with a comments section to the right. From there you can add, delete or hide comments as you see fit. 


  1. Go to ‘Ads Manager’

  2. Click the ‘All Campaigns’ dropdown

  3. Select ‘All Ads’, then click on the name of the add that you would like to preview

  4. Click the “eye” icon- this opens the Ad Preview

  5. Click ‘View Post’ permalink with comments

Reviewing and responding to comments through Ads Manager though necessary, can prove to be extremely cumbersome. At D3 we understand that going through the process of reviewing advertisements can be a tedious and overwhelming process. This is why we offer Facebook management services that will take care of creating your personalized Facebook advertisement, and managing it for you!

Managing Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a useful web monitoring tool that allows you to “listen” to conversations about your business that you might not be aware of. However, few marketers use it to its fullest potential. It is one of the best Google apps available and allows you to receive alerts every time your name, your company, and the most important keywords are mentioned anywhere on the web. This free monitoring tool notifies you whenever Google indexes a new page or any type of content that contains a keyword or phrase that is specified by you. While this process doesn’t give you real-time results, it does notify you via email or RSS alerts as often as you choose when your custom alerts are mentioned online. 

If your Google Alerts are not optimized properly, they will not bring back reviews from certain sites where your customers are having conversations about your brand. While Google Alerts are a great tool to utilize, they are limited to showing results from sources that Google tracks, which is largely web news and blogs. This means that your Google Alerts will miss almost all social media platforms where your brand is mentioned. This means that while Google Alerts are a great tool for some of your brand tracking, it is not the only tool that you should be utilizing while watching your brand online.

Pro Tip: Set up Google Alerts to watch your competitors online. See where they’re being mentioned and how your business compares to your competitor's online presence. 

D3’s Brand Reputation Management

At D3, we understand that timely responses are critical, which is why we offer brand reputation management services to take the guesswork out of managing your company’s online reputation. Our team of experts at D3 will monitor online mentions and reviews, and provide strategic public relations guidance to preserve your brand’s positive reputation, and make sure that each comment and review is acknowledged and replied to. Every day customers make decisions about your brand based on your reviews and ratings, but did you know that search engines do this too? Google now uses online reviews to help businesses build their local SEO by collecting first-party reviews from customers and publishing them directly to the business's website. Making it crucial to your business to know where your reviews live and give attention to all customer feedback, whether it occurs on review sites like Yelp, or on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. When you choose to utilize D3’s brand reputation management services, you are opting for a team of professionals who are dedicated to monitoring and responding to all reviews that consumers leave about your business, including social media. We take on the work of managing all reviews, so you no longer have to lose precious business hours tracking down review sites and hidden comments!

Ready to Manage your Online Comments and Reviews?

Actively responding to all online comments and reviews is fundamental for your company to leverage your online marketing strategy. Being aware of all company reviews, and knowing how to find and respond to them will help you optimize your positive and organic content, while also leveraging negative reviews to benefit your business. No review should be left without a response, and having the right tools is the first step in managing them. 

If you have any questions or would like to review how your business is managing your brand’s reputation, contact D3 today. We can help!