Email marketing is a popular and influential tool that businesses can utilize when reaching out to customers. Many businesses use email marketing as an effective, fast, and low-cost way to reach their customers. People are constantly checking their emails on the go from their smartphones and tablets. 

Customers of all age brackets use and check their emails daily. While social media is the new marketing phenomenon, email marketing is both traditional and conventional, reaching an audience of 254.7 million active users, according to a survey by Marketo

Email marketing tips can be effective in achieving success. Fine-tune your email marketing by following these tips and tricks compiled by the Email Marketing Experts at D3! 

Email Tips for 2020

  1. Keep your subject line short and sweet! Including a call to action in the subject line when fitting, can entice the user to open your email and engage in your content! Think along the lines of; "Take a Look Inside", "Download our Whitepaper", or "Book your Stay Today".

  2. Emojis are fun, but when crafting your email, use them with caution. Only use emojis when they are appropriate for your audience.

  3. Know and understand your target audience. Think as if you were the person who is receiving the email. What would make you open your own email, and what content would you, as the user, be looking for? 

  4. Plan ahead! Creating a content calendar months in advance can ensure that things are being planned accordingly. If you know that you’re going to have an event on a certain day, plan ahead of time and get the word out so your audience can plan, too. 

  5. Ensure that important content is “above the fold”, so when users first open your email, they see what’s most relevant before they scroll.  

  6. Boost your social media accounts by including social icons and links! While this is an important element, be sure that you put these at the footer, or bottom of your e-blast. You’ll always want your call to action first. 

These email marketing tips and tricks can elevate your marketing and bring your campaigns success in 2020. Email marketing can go a long way if it’s utilized correctly. Allow the experts at D3 to help your business execute email marketing with creative ID3AS to take your messages to the next level. 

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