The face of design is constantly changing. What looks on-trend one day could look dated and out-of-touch the next. If you want your designs to feel timely and relevant, then you need to keep your finger on the pulse of what is going on in the world of design and stay up-to-date on recent design trends.

The design experts at D3 came up with a list of the trends that are poised to sweep the design world in 2020.

3D Depth and Realism

In 2019, the 3D trend reached its peak and is showing no signs of slowing down.  As technology and software capabilities continue to increase, the world will continue to see more 3D graphic design compositions. In order to be more creative, we will see designers combining this trend with photos and 2-dimensional objects. Check out how a finance company, autonomy incorporates 3D depth and movement into their entire site to give it a modern and creative feel.

Going Monochromatic

Perfect harmony is a monochromatic color scheme, embracing shades of the same color family. Monochrome is easy to look at, simple to comprehend, and timeless. In 2020, designers are focussing on unique color families, boosting their variation, contrast, and interest, while maintaining balance and unity.

See this example of Instagrammer and artist, David Milan, use Pantone’s Color of the Year as his monochromatic inspiration. 


Shiny Metals

Using metallic effects in graphic design is establishing its ultra-trendy identity in 2020. Since the focus is to fall on the metallic effect itself, this trend requires a minimalist overall design. In 2019, designers mainly used gold to convey luxury and class. Moving forward, however, the metallic effect can be achieved by using shiny surfaces over matte surfaces in any color. 

Our talented Design team at D3 created this mockup logo for Charter Oak Investment enhanced with a gold, metallic effect. 


Line Art

Fully illustrated, and even animated, line art patterns and designs are taking over this year. Line art is a schematic, simplified illustration style, and is great for conveying concepts and ideas. It looks clean, elegant and unobtrusive, and is one of the preferred decoration styles for graphic design in 2020. 

Collages of Drawings and Photos

Designers have been combining real-life photos with simple illustrations replacing parts of the photo, or interacting with the photo, in a collage effect. Designers are mixing images such as illustrations and photographs and leaving images with angular edges and white outlets that come from quick cutting and pasting. Straddling the line between contrast and harmony, this is an element that we will be seeing a lot more of in 2020.  

Create & Cultivate, a platform for women, showed a perfect example of how to utilize this with their collage Instagram post. 


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