Many business owners have a general idea of who their target audience is, but how do you learn more about your customers? Understanding your clientele is key to providing good service, resulting in lasting customer relationships and new sales for your business! 

Getting into your customers’ psyche isn’t always easy, which is why capturing leads and available data is an important element for your business. Collecting essential data through online forms and downloads is a great way to learn who your audience is, and what they’re interested in, allowing you to better target your marketing, which in turn, will increase conversions on your site. 

The Importance of Data Capture

A good database filled with information is the central point on which any great marketing campaign is built. Creating, segmenting, and maintaining a database can be the foundation on which your campaign evolves to attract more sales, customers, and fans.

What is a database? Your company's database is a list of contacts and customers that have signed up to be a part of your business’s list! Once a customer is on your list, it’s necessary to take care of them, keep them informed and updated about what’s happening in the company, and nurture them. This can take a lead from just interested in your brand, to dedicated to your business. The users in your database should be able to enjoy receiving several advantages, including:

  1. Being the first to learn about new product launches, expansions, etc. 
  2. Receive exclusive offers. 
  3. Access to promotions, discounts, and similar, that they could not find otherwise.
  4. Customized treatment in all communications, transactions, and operations. 

While this all sounds great for your customers, how does your business benefit? The advantages of having a well-developed database can include: 

  1. Access to confidential information provided by customers during their purchases and interactions with your company. 
  2. Customers that you can count on to remain loyal to your brand. 
  3. A group of individuals who will convert more easily than those who are not in the database.
  4. Being able to optimize your campaigns and ways of working based on the data that is provided by the database. 

This might sound too good to be true, but the benefits of having a manicured database are lasting to your company. Are you convinced yet? We knew you would be. Next step: Learn proven ways to capture this magical-data. 

Effective Ways to Capture Data

The process of capturing data can be varied, from social media to contests and forms. Check out some of the most proven ways to capture data from the experts who do it daily! 

Free Wifi: Everyone everywhere seems to be on a constant hunt for free internet connections! To avoid using up their precious cell data, customers connect to wireless internet at any chance that they get, so why not take advantage of that? Offer your guests and customers free Wifi and capture their data at the same time by requiring that they sign in through Facebook, or provide an email address or mobile phone number to access. Utilize the data that is collected through your wifi to obtain positive reviews, send personalized messages, track your visitors, and more! 

Online Forms: Forms are a tried and true way to learn exactly who your audience is and what they’re interested in. Consider asking your customers what products they like, what interests they have, and their opinion on your product and services. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to use a form to ask your customers how they came across your site, and then use that data to determine which area you should spend more time on when revising your marketing plan. Targeted forms can save you a lot of time and money in the long run by keeping you from wasting precious resources advertising in places that won’t reach your customer.

Social Media Profiles: What information is available on your Facebook account? Social media platforms, especially Facebook, request users to optimize their profiles by filling out information about themselves to complete their profile. This information includes; relationship status, forms of contact, interests, likes, hobbies, level of education, and so much more. All of the information that you choose to put on your social media pages is free data that companies that you follow can collect and use to determine information about their customer base, including age, likes, and more.

Downloading Online Resources: An ideal way to capture databases of people who are interested in a specific topic is via an online download of a resource on your website. Companies offer downloadable PDFs, e-books, and more as a free or for-purchase resource, where their customers will provide data to be added to the database. 

Ways to capture the important data that you need is limitless! Boost your sales and better target your audience by optimizing your data collection strategies. Interested in learning more? Contact the experts at D3 for more information.