Everyone wants to increase brand awareness, gain more followers on social media, and eventually increase revenue for their company. One fun, unique way to do so is to tun Social Media Contests across your platforms.

Whether you're giving away a free stay at your oceanfront hotel, or a gift card to your fine dining restaurant, people love FREE things! Though it wasn't completely free; people who enter your contests contribute to your business through social media engagement and providing details like email addresses. These kinds of interactions are crucial to growing your business and brand, and generating strong leads.

Why Do Users Participate in Contests?

People will "Like" your brand's Facebook page in hopes of getting a discount or a product for free. Once someone receives your free product or service, the marketing efforts and engagement do not stop: Giving away products will often result in free marketing.

Through marketing efforts like contests, you have the potential to convert followers into loyal brand advocates, leads, and sales.

Along with gaining a stronger social media presence and even gathering user-generated content, contests bring much more to the marketing table than you may realize.