2020 changed everything, and the marketing of your business was no exception! Success will be reached by those who are willing to adapt and evolve to align themselves with the ever-changing global climate. How do you know if your company is meeting your consumer’s evolving expectations? A marketing audit and review can help!  

What is a marketing audit? This is a thorough review of your marketing plan, objectives, strategies, and current activities. The goal is to see what’s working, and what isn’t, so your business is able to identify areas that could use improvement, as well as your strengths and weaknesses so you can pinpoint where to put your resources in the future. 

In January, D3 is offering a complimentary Marketing Audit & Review to both new and existing clients, so you can start 2021 off by putting your best foot forward! 

Your D3 Marketing Audit & Review will Include; 

  1. Website SEO Review
  2. Social Media SWOT Analysis
  3. SEO Keyword & Competitor Analysis
  4. Online Reputation Report
  5. Local Listing Review & Grader

Take a Closer Look

Website SEO Review: Search engines use an array of factors in their ranking algorithms. In many cases, improved SEO is achieved after making many small changes and optimizations to your website. Allow the experts at D3 to review your site’s SEO and learn how you can improve your search engine ranking. 

Social Media SWOT Analysis: Keep your social media up to snuff with a SWOT analysis to first identify strengths and weaknesses, and then figure out what opportunities you’re either taking advantage of or missing out on. During a SWOT analysis, you’ll also receive key insights into what your competitors are doing in terms of their social media strategy, and how you compare. 

SEO Keyword & Competitor Analysis: Receive a panoramic view of what you’re up against, and where your opportunities are, with an SEO keyword and competitor analysis. Learn how you can rank higher, spend less, and claim a high return on investment by bidding on, and using the right keywords in your ads, and content. 

Online Reputation Report & Local Listing Review: When your customers research your company online, what do they see? Will their impressions make them want to shop and do business with you, or will it have them turning away into the arms of your competition? See where your business identity stands online with a search engine reputation report, and learn how you can maximize the positive content, and minimize the negative. 

Save time and money by receiving your free marketing audit and review today! Work with the marketing gurus at D3 to better understand where your business is excelling, and where you could benefit from some TLC and improvement. The time to step up into the digital marketing world is now! Learn how you can level up your efforts, and step in front of your competition as we make our way into the new year. 

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