It started under the golden arches of the McDonald's on Rt. 50 in Salisbury. That's where the ID3A for D3 originated. D3 was born in the Information Age and grew up through the booming industry that followed, modernizing how businesses get things done, and breathing new life into the town of Ocean City, the Eastern Shore, and far beyond.   

Susan Jones, Executive Director of the Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association (HMRA), is someone who knows D3’s early years well. As one of D3’s first clients, Susan began working with John Gehrig 25 years ago, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

“The really interesting thing about John Gehrig,” said Jones, “is that he’s a real visionary, he’s the one with the really big ideas, and we all learn to catch up to speed.” 

On November 9th, 1995, what is fondly remembered as “the night of the disaster,” turned out to be a turning point for the entire town of Ocean City, MD. With 120 people in attendance, John Gehrig found himself trying to convince a group of leaders why they needed their own website, and presence online. 

“His mullet got him through the door,” said Susan Jones. “John does things, not because he has something to prove, but because he has something to give. He wants to make things better.” 


Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association Meeting Invitation

Some left this meeting excited about the changes and ready to take on this new world of the Internet. And others, not so much. 

And so was the evolution of Internet Marketing Solutions to what is now D3. As technology and our ever-growing access to information changes, we encourage our clients to try new things and trust in the team around them. This partnership and the willingness to adapt, shift, and grow is where our clients and the D3 team excel. Together, we have confidence in the creative process and are inspired to bring new ideas to life.   

D3’s evolution is a testament to that in itself. In our early years, we focused on website development, email marketing, and hotel reservations; as the times shifted, D3 shifted. Eventually, services including social media marketing and SEO entered the ring with the rise of social media and powerful search engines like Google. 

Next came bringing on print design services, stressing the importance of branding, digital ads, and shifting to a mobile-first world. The world’s and business’s needs are always changing, but one thing that doesn’t change is D3’s commitment to meet those changes before they become a need, always helping clients remain ahead of the curve.

“Our team continues to learn, grow, and evolve so we can put our best foot forward for our clients each and every time.” said Laurie Tochterman, Client Relations Manager.

What D3 does is about more than just creating websites and offering marketing services. It’s about changing the lives of those who love the work that they do! For the team at D3, it’s all about our clients, and providing each and every person with the best services and information available. 

Throughout the years, the team at D3 has donated their time, services, and support to help the community to help lift each other up and assist organizations in reaching their goals. Pre-COVD, the team had a standing speaking engagement at the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce, to educate those in our community on how the services that D3 provides can help them increase their business. 

“John encourages people in a way that’s really important to the world, and important to our city,” said Susan Jones. 

From the team at D3, thank you, John, for making a bold prediction 25 years ago that “we will all have an email address one day.” Thank you for 25 years of leading, teaching, and helping us grow ahead of the curve. We can’t wait for 25 more! 

D3 Throughout the Years

First Group of Clients

  • Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association
  • Castle in the Sand 
  • Belmont Hearne Hotel
  • Comfort Inn Gold Coast
  • Dunes Manor Hotel
  • Seacrets
  • Condo Realty
  • Marshall Management
  • Carmen Meo
  • Flamingo Motel

First Office Space

    The McDonalds on Route 50 in Salisbury

First Computer


               Toshiba Satellite