Is it possible to predict 2022 social media trends? Social media marketing evolves quickly, but when it comes to our favorite social media platforms, there are some common themes and trends to look out for. 

We have our eye on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Trends include the increasing importance of video content, the implementation of QR codes, and amplified e-commerce strategies. Video works well on all major platforms, and QR codes easily allow customers to connect digitally. E-commerce is also here to stay! All major platforms are improving their online shopping experience in order to keep up. 

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D3 Take

Spending your valuable marketing time and budget on video content is a solid way to ensure a great return on investment. All major platforms are prioritizing video content creators in their algorithms, and users are attracted to this content style. Consider upping your video presence, then double your investment by repurposing your video content on other relevant platforms, such as Pinterest and TikTok.  

QR codes are a versatile technology that brands and marketers are finding new applications for. Consider if you have print materials that would benefit from a QR code to help your customers connect with you digitally. You could also direct them to a specific page with relevant content, such as recipes for your product or hours for your store.

E-Commerce strategies are central to all businesses ready to grow. We recommend interacting with your interface as an online customer and putting yourself in their shoes. Is the experience clear and painless? Is the checkout easy to find? Can your target audience easily find what they are looking for?

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