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Strengthen Your Brand
Together, your logo and brand make a lasting impression on customers. While it’s important to remain consistent in logo design to ensure brand recognition, that doesn't mean your logo should stay static over time. In fact, logo re-designs can be beneficial to your businesses’ brand identity, allowing your logo to remain fresh, relevant, and attractive to your evolving customer base. Even minor tweaks and subtle changes can yield major results. Changes to font, style, color and imaging have the power to transform your entire brand.

Take the Wendy’s logo as an example – the subtle font change gives the entire logo (and therefore the brand) a more contemporary look, which is exactly what Wendy’s management was aiming for as they worked to reinvent their brand without alienating their customer base.

Another classic example is the modest but incredibly powerful design changes made to the MSNBC logo. By switching from clunky, monolithic text to a sleeker font, the entire logo and brand becomes friendlier and more inviting.

From major design overhauls to minor tweaks and adjustments, let our design team take your logo to the next level.
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